Google Science Fair 2015: A young Lorrain 14 years in the final


Elliott has created a robot gardener, led via a smartphone application, it submitted to the Mountain View giant competition. Its prototype wowed Google that selected among the 20 finalists who will present their projects in California before a jury.

For this young man of 14, who is to come into third grade, the summer looks studious. And it’s not because of the patent approach. He is one of 20 finalists in the competition of Google Science Fair open to ages 13-18, which recognizes young scientists worldwide. Elliot is the last French race among the 90 semifinalists.

Connected to a smartphone application, it lets you watch her ​​garden in three dimensions and performs all the maintenance tasks of a given plot of land. Elliot Sarey wants to help people with reduced mobility or those who do not have time to care for their gardens.

Elliot designed the robot from A to Z, in 3 months, the articulated arm for watering to the smartphone application prototype. Both for research and modeling, and the last for the construction. This period is too short, he showed a still ongoing project at the California firm, in May.

“I think what interests Google is the design process more than the funded project . And I intend to enjoy my vacation to improve the prototype , “says Elliott.