London-Boston in an hour with the future Airbus aircraft


That’s an invention that could well mark the history of aviation.  After the Skylon company Reaction Engines , it is the turn of the European manufacturer Airbus to launch in the race for supersonic aircraft.

Twice as fast as the Concorde
If this machine is still a project, it does not need more to make us dream. Having applied for the patent on July 14 in the US, Airbus holds perhaps the key to the future of travel. Admittedly, this unit shows impressive performance.

With three different engines for passenger safety, this supersonic aircraft will be capable of approaching Mach 5, or more than four times the speed of sound. Thus it will fly to about 5,500 km / h.

Real racing car, the airplane should be able to link Paris to New York in just over an hour, a boon for those suffering from jet lag . Only downside for the moment, the accommodation capacity. Indeed, it plans filed a few weeks do not provide a habitat for the moment with 20 seats, against 355 for the A355 for example.

Technically, the plane will not fly in the traditional manner, but will follow a hyperbolic trajectory intersected with vertical phases to mitigate the sound bang induced crossing Mach 1.  It should thus take off vertically with two turbojets, then rise up to 33,000 meters by a rocket engine. Finally, ramjets ensure the maximum speed of the device.

If it is not question of dates, prices, or even build, it is certain that impatience is prances to the idea of this plane tread the tarmac of the best airports in the world .