11 Year boy killed a toddler by gun


A 11 year old boy was charged with manslaughter after the shooting death of a 3 year old in Detroit, in the northern United States, indicated the US media Wednesday.

The boy would have shot him in the face and on Monday the child would be dead on arrival at the hospital, explain the Detroit News and other media.

According to CBS Detroit quoting the police, the two boys were playing with the weapon.

The Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, quoted by the Detroit News, said the older of the two fell on the gun in the closet of his father’s room, whom he visited in his house of east of Detroit, Michigan.

He threw it out the window, was recovered outside before taking him in a car parked nearby, where the child has reached said Ms. Worthy. Soon after, he was shot dead.

“I do not recall a precedent in which we have charged someone so young to have taken a life,” said Kym Worthy, in comments reported by the press.

“Very unfortunate and tragic, the facts alleged in this case demanded it. The accused person here will remain in the juvenile system, but the case is still under investigation, “she added, without giving further details.