Deadly Explosion at Istanbul Police Station and front of US Consulate


Several incidents took place Monday, August 10 at dawn in Istanbul, while the country is always placed on alert. At least ten people were injured in an attack against a police station in the Sultanbeyli district. Hours later, a shooting broke out in front of the US consulate in the same city.

Police arrested one of the two authors of the shots against the consulate, according to the Turkish news agency Anatolia. This would be a woman, according to Turkish media. His accomplice is still at large. US diplomatic missions in Turkey have been targeted in the past. Front-Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party (DHKP-C), whose members are among those arrested in recent weeks has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack against the US embassy in Ankara 2013.

Hours earlier, a police station was targeted by a bomb attack in the district of Sultanbeyli. Three policemen and seven civilians were wounded, according to local police. Part of the building collapsed in a fire, explosion also spoiling of nearby buildings and about twenty cars parked in the area, said the news agency Dogan.

No claim to this attack now

Both attacks have, for now, not been claimed. But they came as Turkey has conducted a series of arrests and shelling against the Kurds of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and extreme left parties. Ankara is also fully committed to the fight against the Islamic state (EI) by authorizing the US military to use its air bases near the border to conduct strikes in Syria.

The US encourages Turkey to intensify the fight against EI, but the country has long been reluctant to act. This position has changed dramatically after the suicide of Suruc (South), on July 20, which killed thirty to two people and was attributed to the extremist group. Since then, Turkey has already conducted a series of air raids , saying it also targeted activists of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq.