Tesla's Robotic Snake Charger


Doing nothing like the others, it’s a bit of the trademark Tesla. The Californian electric car manufacturer is currently developing on the basis of a conventional cable charger, a robot cable to automatically connect your car after you parked nearby. Elon Musk justifies this choice by explaining this system has a better performance than the induction charging developed by competitors such as Nissan Renault and Audi, where the current is not passed through a wire but through a magnetic field.

Powerful charge for large battery

Although opinions differ on this point, many manufacturers judging the efficiency of the load with sufficient induction, it is probably because the Tesla Model S embark huge batteries (storing up to 85 kWh of energy) Nature longer to fully recharge. Now all communication Tesla is based on the performance of the car but also to recharge: Model S is, by far, the electric car that accepts charging currents of higher power to 135 kW for Tesla Supercharger provides these customers, against 50 kilowatts maximum for fast chargers accessible to models of other manufacturers.

Like a snake

Therefore, even if it only reaches 10 to 20%, the difference in performance between the two systems would be more detrimental to a Tesla, and the subsequent warming to energy loss more difficult to control. Hence the efforts made by the American manufacturer for its specific method of charging by a robot cable like a snake whose head would be a decision that will automatically find that of the car once the hatch covering it is opened. The beauty of the system is that Tesla will be compatible with all the Tesla S, that is to say even those already in circulation. According to the visible video below, the prototype already works quite well, but no date has yet been announced for the commercialization of the system.