An elephant killed her guide and fled with three tourists

An elephant killed his guide in Thailand Wednesday before fleeing into the jungle with three terrified tourists on his back, reviving criticism against a disrespectful tourism industry of animal welfare.
The three Chinese tourists, a couple and their child, “are now safe,” said Colonel Thawatchau Thepboon, police chief of the province of Chiang Mai. The mahout (guide) of elephant killed “was not familiar with the elephant,” he added.Images broadcast by the Third Thai chain show the three frightened tourists being brought back to the camp, on the back of runaway elephant calmed by other guides.

Many tourists flock every day in special camps in the elephant rides, animal symbol of Thailand, despite criticism from animal rights organizations who denounce abuse by some mahouts.

“Elephants are working every day, every month, 365 days out of 365,” ¬†a member of the association Wildlife Friends of Thailand.

“If you were to do the same, you would be stressed. It’s the same thing for the elephants. At one point, they go crazy and can not control them, “he insisted.

Currently the country has 4,000 domesticated elephants against 2500 remain at large, according to Traffick animal rights NGOs.

In June, an elephant killed a Thai and wounded another in a beach restaurant, while his mahout was talking with the two men.

Elephants are often used for Proposed rides to tourists. Traditionally exploited by man for transporting tree trunks, elephants kingdom gathered en masse in the tourism industry after the ban on their use in the forest industry in 1989.