Australia will host 12,000 more refugees


Australia will host 12,000 Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Wednesday. The country since 2013 and the return to power of the Liberals, turned into a veritable fortress, ruthlessly pushing migrants arriving by boat or placing them in detention camps on islands off. But in recent days, the Australians were pressuring their government.

Media coverage of the journey of migrants in Europe, fleeing the Syrian conflict and the photo of the little Aylan found dead on a beach, marked the Australians. Monday, September 7, 10 000 of them organized a candlelight vigil in a Sydney park, calling their country welcomes more refugees. The same thing took place in several other major cities and also on social networks, and several members of the Premier’s party have also moved by the plight of these migrants.

Tony Abbott has announced that Australia would open its doors to 12,000 more refugees in addition to the 14,000 already planned for 2015. A major change of direction. There are some days, he still asserted that the country would take in more refugees within the already established quota.

The Prime Minister also stressed on Wednesday that it was the persecuted minorities that would be received first. Canberra will also pay 29 million euros to support the neighboring countries of Iraq and Syria hosting refugees. Finally, under pressure from the Americans, Tony Abbott announced that Australian air strikes against the Islamic state group, currently confined to Iraq, would be extended in the coming days to Syria.