They imagine a house to live on Mars

Image Credit: Fabulous Studio,Bel Charles

Designed by a team of architects, designers, scientists and engineers from the Hexagon, this futuristic home plans to use the red planet’s resources. Namely water and iron.

While a team of six scientists – including a French 25 years – since August 28 have begun to live enclosed in a dome reproducing the conditions of life on Mars on the island of Hawaii, a team of architects and designers , engineers and French scientists imagined building a house from a 3D printer as part of a competition organized by NASA, the US space agency.

Entitled Sfero (sphere, iron and water), this Martian house designed by the French start-up Fabulous plans to accommodate up to four people over an area of ​​80 m², spread over three floors. A space for a small inner garden is also planned. To achieve this remains unusual, scientists rely on the resources of the red planet, namely water and iron. The first being present in the form of ice, the second form of iron oxide.

Within three to four months for construction

To draw water, the French team developed the idea of ​​an eight-meter telescopic mast can descend several meters under the Martian soil. This would be supported by two robotic arms, one for pumping the material and sorting of the subsoil in order to remove iron. The other to build the house 3D printing in a period of three to four months.

“The advantage of 3D printing is that you can do everything on site with what we found there, namely iron and water as ice,” says Pierre Brisson, member of the Mars Society, an association that promotes red planet colonization by man. “We can build everything in 3D, to hinges closets,” says Arnault Coulet the newspaper boss Fabulous, the full size printing company leading the project.

However, this draft Martian house made ​​in France can not be retained by the NASA teams as indicated Liberation. “We spent the first stage of selection. But the final contest is only open to US citizens, “said the daily, Arnault Coulet, founder of Fabulous. Before adding to defend his project: “The value of our project is to show that there is a French expertise in the space and 3D printing. We want to show that these techniques can also be envisaged to make emergency shelters on Earth. ”