Migrants partial resumption of rail links between Denmark and Germany

The Danish railway company DSB announced Thursday, September 10, the rail links with the Germany went back in the day, after the suspension of these bonds by the Police due to an influx of migrants. However, a ferry that usually embarks trains will be closed to these devices.
The Danish police had on Wednesday ordered the suspension of rail outline links with Germany after hundreds of migrants from Germany and in transit to Sweden, had refused to get off train on arrival in Denmark.
“We did not want to empty the strength train”
The situation was resolved in the evening and said the DSB services to Germany normally would resume Thursday via the passage of the land border in Padborg, in the extreme south of Denmark, but the ferry crossing to remain closed trains “because of the border police work.”
At least two trains carrying 340 refugees were stranded in the day Wednesday in Rodby, port located 135 km southwest of Copenhagen, main point of ferry crossing between Germany and Scandinavia. Migrants refused to get off to seek asylum in Denmark, the policy of immigration is more restrictive.
After lengthy negotiations, a hundred people finally gave up and agreed to remain in Denmark. The approximately 240 others were allowed later to get off the train, without the police intervened. “I do not know where they went. I think the cars special came the look or they took taxis further. We are no longer trying to monitor, “said John Andersen police officer to the news agency Ritzau.” We do not want to empty the strength train, “he added.
If Sweden with Germany is one of the preferred destinations of refugees, including Syrians, who arrive in Europe, Denmark is least attractive and has himself tried to be that by granting temporary residency rights , complicating family reunification and reducing allowances for new entrants.
A government that is dealing with the extreme right
In recent months, the government has tightened conditions on asylum seekers: the services intended for them were dropped (even though they were identified by the previous government left), the country grants the temporary rights of residence and family reunification was made ​​more complicated to obtain.

Measurements taken while Conservative Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen, is the head of a minority government that must deal with a far-right anti-immigration party, the Danish People’s Party.

“Toughen the rules and to know”
In full migration crisis and while the spirit of solidarity is organized across Europe, the Danish government was noticed on Monday by deciding to buy advertising space in Lebanese newspapers to warn the potential migrants he had cured the installation conditions in its territory. To stay in Denmark, they must speak and understand Danish, says the text, which warns that those who will not get a residence permit will be “promptly returned” in the country.
“Considering the wave of arrivals in Europe these days, there are good reasons to tighten the rules and know it,” warranted the minister for immigration and integration.